Aliaksei Kachanovich

Office: 2.N.7.213
Phone: +49 157 38035056
Email: aliaksei.kachanovich AT
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Research interests:
Keywords: Electroweak, flavor physics, Higgs physics, high energy physics
My research interests revolve around particle physics phenomenology with a special emphasis on Standard Model (SM) and Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) processes. I am familiar with tools and techniques required for the automatic evaluation of Feynman diagrams up to one-loop and I successfully applied these skills to carry out extensive calculations in the Higgs and flavor sectors of the SM and to explore possible BSM dark matter (DM) scenarios. My expertise also extends to the phenomenology of models involving dark photons and Z′-bosons. In addition to that, I possess hands-on experience in applying ideas borrowed from nuclear physics to intriguing BSM scenarios. Last but not least, I am familiar with the formalism of Supersymmetry, Noncommutative Field Theory, Conformal Field Theory as well as other branches of mathematical physics. Publications: