Name Office Phone Fax E-mail
Isabelle Renders 2.N.7.116A +32 2 650 55 81 +32 2 650 59 51 isabelle.renders AT


Name Office Phone
(+32 2 650 xxxx)
Sébastien Clesse 2.N.7.107 5446 sebastien.clesse AT
Thomas Hambye 2.N7.209 5582 thambye AT
Laura Lopez Honorez 2.N7.113 5519 llopezho AT
Peter Tinyakov 2.N.7.112 5574 petr.tiniakov AT
Michel Tytgat (group director) 2.N.7.208 5570 michel.tytgat AT

Emeritus and university professors

Name Office Phone E-mail
François Englert (emeritus) 2.N.7.106 5580 francois.englert AT
Jean-Marie Frère 2.N.7.117A 5571 jean-marie.frere AT
Marianne Rooman 2.N.7.212 marianne.rooman AT


Name Office Phone E-mail
Philippe Spindel 2.N.7.210 5569 philippe.spindel AT


Name Office Phone E-mail
Virgile Dandoy 2.N.7.109 virgile.dandoy AT
Christian Doering 2.N.7.216 christian.doring AT
Gaétan Facchinetti 2.N.7.217 gaetan.facchinetti AT
Marco Hufnagel 2.N.7.206 marco.hufnagel AT
Vincent Juste 2.N.7.213 vincent.juste AT
Aliaksei Kachanovich 2.N.7.213 aliaksei.kachanovich AT
Alexander Korochkin 2.N.7.211 alexander.korochkin AT
Fabien Lacasa 2.N.7.105 fabien.lacasa AT
Ioanna Stamou 2.N.7.212 ioanna.stamou AT
Sonali Verma 2.N.7.215 sonali.verma AT

Graduate students

Name Office Phone E-mail
Eleni Bagui 2.N.7.213 eleni.bagui AT
Nicolas Esser 2.N.7.213 nicolas.esser AT
Nicolas Grimbaum-Yamamoto 2.N.7.109 Nicolas.Grimbaum AT
Jean Kimus 2.N.7.108 jean.kimus AT

Undergraduate students

Name Office Phone E-mail
Simon Biot
Antoine Marechal

Former staff members

Name Office Phone E-mail
Robert Brout
Pietro Castoldi

Former students and postdocs

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