The 2010 J.J. Sakurai Prize in Theoretical Physics

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The prestigious J.J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical particle Physics, 2010, was awarded to Robert Brout (left), François Englert (right) of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Gerald Guralnik, C. R. Hagen, Peter Higgs and Tom Kibble "for elucidation of the properties of spontaneous symmetry breaking in four- dimensional relativistic gauge theory and of the mechanism for the consistent generation of vector boson masses".

The J. J. Sakurai Prize is a prize in theoretical particle physics whose purpose is to recognize outstanding work. The prize is awarded by American Physical Society and is officially presented at the APS April meeting every year. The prize was endowed in 1984 as a memorial to J. J. Sakurai by his family.

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